Annie Gelfand, MBA, CPCC, MCC
May 4th, 2017 from 12-1:30 PM ET
Leaning Into Conflict – Creating Space For Intimacy & Trust


Leaning Into Conflict – Creating Space For Intimacy & Trust

Let’s face it. Sometimes as coaches, we encounter a difficult conversation, whether it’s a client wanting to end coaching, or they are encountering a difficult relationship at work or a loved one who is emotionally hijacked. Creating intimacy and trust is one of the foundations of a successful coaching partnership. Mastering the ability to navigate these sometimes rough waters is one of the best ways to deepen intimacy and trust with your clients and in your life.

So what is the secret to navigating rough waters when conversations get shaky? Tune in to Master Certified Coach and Intuition Whisperer, Annie Gelfand, to learn “Leaning Into Conflict – Creating Space For Intimacy & Trust” as she takes you on a journey  to uncover some key tools you can immediately apply in your business, personal life and with clients.

The Opportunity

People tend to avoid difficult conversations. They assume it will deteriorate into messy emotional situations that can become personal and spiral out of control.

Avoiding conflict, however, does not make it magically disappear. It merely hides in the corner until something triggers it and then because it has not been dealt with, becomes something even bigger and more challenging to deal with. The result is a hijacked team or relationship off-course with sub-optimal results.

One of the best ways to increase trust is to experience that they can successfully work through conflict. Leaning into conflict, rather than resisting it, and squeezing the rich and powerful learning from it, is transformational for a team and each member.

Bringing mastery into our coaching sessions requires a deeper access to our abilities: learning to listen to both what is and what is not being said; to the longing behind the complaint. These subtle messages are often over-stepped because it’s so easy to be distracted by the symptom. However it is this subtlety that holds the gift of the “nectar and the sweet spot” that delving deeper brings to our clients.

You Will Learn To
  • Recognize red flags that can derail achieving your targets
  • Acknowledge the gift of your body as a messenger
  • Highlight strategies for constructive communication
  • Create team agreements to generate productive and empowering environments
About Annie Gelfand, MBA, CPCC, MCC

Annie is known by her clients as the “Intuition Whisperer” because she will have you sitting on the edge of your seat with remarkably intuitive questions to facilitate your deep dive into your own awareness. 2017 is an especially fortuitous time to launch the maiden voyage of Essence of Mastery Coaching Summit, as it marks 20 years of establishing her coaching business.

Annie left a successful corporate career over three decades ago, and gave away everything she owned to study with a meditation master in the Himalayan Mountains of India for 7 years, as she is insatiably curious about life. Annie now works with corporate teams, personal and business relationships and individuals, to offer a perspective that is much valued, and highly sought after. Working with Annie requires you to be devoted to making change happen as she has the gift of getting to the heart of the matter at the speed of light. She excels at mentoring new and experienced coaches aspiring to mastery.

Annie’s credentials include: Master of Business Administration Degree, Master Certified Coach credentialed member of the International Coach Federation and over 30 years in business. She is trained in Organization Relationship and Systems Coaching, as well as being a Certified Professional Co- Active Coach. This trained Inner Systems Facilitator has held numerous volunteer board positions, is a writer, artist, cat lover and instructor of numerous healing modalities.

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May 4th, 2017 from 12-1:30 PM ET
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