Lynn Stewart, PCC
May 2nd, 2017 from 12-1:30 PM ET
Embracing the Gift of the Mirror


Embracing the Gift of the Mirror

What is mirroring?

Your client will sometimes act as a mirror for you regarding your current mood, or a specific situation you are also dealing with in your life. Sometimes they are saying the same words you have been saying to yourself. You are struck with “coincidence.” Have you ever noticed that phenomena?

As the coach, noticing mirroring in your coaching conversations is a valuable competency because it opens the door to your own personal development. As you facilitate your client in exploring their situation, the mirror effect may enable you to see that which you had trouble seeing on your own. But it can also be a distraction or blind spot for your assumptions, biases, or personal agendas.

Together we will explore the pitfalls in our lack of awareness or self-management. And together we will identify ways to manage our awareness, so we masterfully stay fully present in the client’s process.

The Opportunity

Self-awareness of the mirroring dynamic provides the coach an opportunity to consciously set aside personal distractions and biases, so the client has a sacred space for their process, and so the coach can experience their own personal development learning and growth. Often the relationship deepens between client and coach as a result of a shared mirror experience.

You Will Learn
  • Deepen your listening skills and raise your self-awareness for noticing what the client is mirroring for you, so that you can:
  • Self-manage your own distractions for being fully present, and sustain a clear space for your client’s process, and
  • Leverage the mirror for your own learning (i.e. resolve your own situation in order to better enable the client to move ahead)

About Lynn Stewart, PCC

Lynn U. Stewart, PCC is an international Corporate Consultant/Trainer, and Personal Life-Design Coach.  Lynn is the co-author of Transformational Life Coaching, a textbook on coaching used in the coaching industry since 2007. She is the Managing Director of The MMS Worldwide Institute, BV in Amsterdam, Netherlands, an ICF accredited coach training school.

She is a proven expert on human relationships, both professional and personal.  She creates bottom-line results for Fortune 500 clients including: GTE, Burger King, Royal Bank of Scotland, Hyperion Solutions and Meredith Publishing.

Ms. Stewart assists clients in the implementation of corporate visions, goals, and the integration of their personal lives. She has been coaching corporate executives globally since 1975.

DATE/TIME of Presentation
May 2nd, 2017 from 12-1:30 PM ET

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