Meg Mann, MCC
April 25th, 2017 from 12-1:30 PM ET
E=MC² Energy Mastery for Coaching and Client


E=MC² Energy Mastery for Coaching and Client

As coaches, we are responsible for the energy we bring to each coaching relationship. We arrive fully present, open and ready to experience the ‘who’ of the client on that day.  As masterful coaches, this means that we master our own energy, and are keenly aware of how to set and reset our personal energy as needed.  We are aware and know how to take charge and recharge!

The idea that everything is energy is nothing new, however, awareness of personal energy in the coaching relationship and learning how to manage these energies is worth further exploration. We can all enhance our awareness and our skills in learning ways to set, calibrate and recharge our energy, and this is what this session is designed to do.

Further, there is a corresponding mastery in learning how to perceive the client’s energy, and holding space for the client, without interpretation or judgment.  We ‘dance in the moment’ with our clients, and enhancing our abilities to read the client’s energy is fundamental to masterful coaches.  Once we observe or perceive a client’s energy, what do we do with it? How do we masterfully coach the client in these moments? In this session we will also explore how we can increase our mastery in perceiving and coaching the client using their personal energy.

The Opportunity

Managing our own energy and remaining fully present is the first challenge. All of us have felt that someone else is ‘robbing or draining’ our energy. The truth is that we can learn to become even more aware of our own energy and learn new skills to set, manage and reset our energy in order to remain fully present and grounded as masterful coaches. Awareness of how clients and others affect the Coach’s energy is a key place to start our awareness.

Learning how to coach around what we perceive from our client’s energy. We are all trained to hear and perceive the client’s energy, however, sometimes as coaches we are not clear on what to do about what we hear or perceive. Masterful coaching is intuitive, and we all want to improve our abilities to tap into this intuition and to feel what is needed in that moment. For example, are we to be silent? Do we mirror back to the client what we see, hear or feel? Do we provide more direct feedback? Mastering these skills enhances many of our Core Competencies, especially Active Listening, Creating Awareness and Direct Communication.

You Will Learn
  • Greater awareness of one’s own personal energy and how it is affected by clients and others.
  • Tips, techniques and strategies on how to set, reset and manage one’s personal energy in coaching and in life.
  • Greater awareness of the client’s energy.
  • More masterful skills in coaching around the client’s energy using our ICF Core Competencies

About Meg Mann, MCC

Meg Mann is a Master Certified Coach who is passionate about coaching and living a purposeful and balanced life.

Meg is a native of Florida, and has been living in Europe with her husband since 1994. Together, they have a company that offers leadership development, executive coaching and coach training.  Their company, Clarity Professional Development, works with multinational corporations and to date Meg has worked in 25 countries, with more than 70 different nationalities.

Meg completed her formal coach training in 2004 and has been an MCC since 2008.  She has been involved with several ICF Committees, and served as an ICF assessor, and as trainer, mentor an examiner in 4 different ACTP coach training programs.

Prior to her becoming a Coach, Meg had a successful 15-year career as an attorney.  She holds a BA degree, a Juris Doctorate and a Masters in Business Administration.  She is qualified in several different assessment tools, and is a life learner, having recently completed courses in Mindfulness and the School of the Modern Mystic.

Meg has lived in 6 different countries and is now based in Portugal.

DATE/TIME of Presentation
April 25th, 2017 from 12-1:30 PM ET
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