Terrie Lupberger, MCC
April 27th, 2017 from 12-1:30 PM ET
You ARE What You Practice: Making Change Stick for Our Clients (and Ourselves)


You ARE What You Practice: Making Change Stick for Our Clients (and Ourselves)

“You are what you repeatedly do”.

Centuries later that quote by Aristotle is still true.  Neuroscientists, behavioral scientists, even our own experience confirms that we are a collection of our habits in thinking and behaviors.  We become what we habitually think and do.

Do you look at your phone for messages every few minutes? Do one last check for emails from work before you go to bed? Do you read the paper every morning at breakfast and get irritated if the paper isn’t on your front door step? Do you persistently resent your spouse? Ignore one of your peers at work? Get aggravated every time your kids leave their coats on the floor? Are you visited by recurring thoughts that you aren’t successful because you haven’t made enough money yet?  Do you spend more hours working each week than you want to?  Do you ignore the signals your body is sending you to get healthier, eat better, exercise more?

Anything we do repeatedly or think repeatedly is worth noticing since those habits could be in the way of our success or happiness.  Unnoticed and unchallenged, our habits can limit our ability to change or limit the future we want to create.

After training and assessing coaches for almost two decades, I believe we coaches still aren’t doing such a good job at helping our clients identify these embedded habits of thinking or at helping them build and sustain new habits.  Yes, most trained coaches are doing a pretty good job at helping clients generate some new awareness.  But, as a colleague of mine once said, ‘awareness is the booby prize’.  Awareness alone won’t get you a different result.  You have to embed and embody the new awareness so that it consistently informs new actions and behaviors.  And, you do that through what you practice.

After 20+ years in the coaching profession, I believe we’re leaving too much to chance, leaving too much on the table (so to speak) with our clients, not going deep enough in the conversations to get to entrenched beliefs that have turned into habits.  We aren’t following through in a way that gets our clients to transfer the insights gained in the coaching into sustainable new behaviors and habits.  In other words, we can do so much more to support our clients in making change stick! And isn’t that the point of coaching?  Isn’t that what masterful coaches do?

The Opportunity

We coaches speak about mastery and want to gain mastery in our profession, but don’t necessarily have a pragmatic way to think about mastery nor a path to follow. This conversation lays out a powerful path to mastery (not the ‘right’ one, nor the only one….but a useful one).

You Will Learn
  • A powerful framework that allows you to take your coaching conversations deeper and get to your clients’ underlying and embedded habits in thinking and doing
  • How to look at your own patterned actions, thinking and beliefs for the sake of generating a different future
  • How to create powerful practices to help your clients embed and embody new thinking and new action
  • To discover new ways to work with your clients so they are better equipped to respond and take action in situations that may have, in the past, hijacked them emotionally.
About Terrie Lupberger, MCC

Terrie is a Master Certified Coach, Author, and senior Executive Coach.  She has been coaching and contributing to the development of the coaching profession since 1995. For nine years she served as CEO of an international, coach training and leadership development organization.  She is a former Board Member of the International Coach Federation and The Association of Coach Training Organizations, and has been a member of the ICF Credentialing Committee since 2002.  She presently is the Director of Training for Newfield Asia and teaches executive coaching and leadership in Singapore and also at the University of Miami and at ITS in London.

Terrie is a contributing author to two books on coaching, A Coach’s Guide to Emotional Intelligence and The Handbook of Knowledge-Based Coaching.  She is presently completing a book for coaches on how to develop practices for clients that will help them break through their perceived limitations and make change stick.

DATE/TIME of Presentation
April 27th, 2017 from 12-1:30 PM ET
BONUS OFFER: Terrie’s presentation slides along with a complimentary copy of her new e-book THE POWER OF PRACTICE…a coach’s guide to cultivating lasting change

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