Jane discusses how to use Generative Listening and Powerful Questioning to, challenge limiting assumptions, and generate breakthrough; use the ICF Core Competencies to encourage clients to generate multiple actions and ways of being in service of their coaching outcome.

She also delves into deepening Trust & Intimacy as a way of honouring your client’s words and staying on their agenda to generate more of their thoughts, feelings and actions.

You will learn how to:

  • Listen generatively
  • Discover what limits client’s independent thinking and how to help them become unstuck
  • Explore the nature of assumptions
  • Support clients to create actions following their thinking
  • Embed the birth of new liberating assumptions


Jane is a master accredited coach and certified mentor coach with the International Coach Federation and founder of her executive coaching practice since 2002. Her purpose is to support individuals, teams and organizations develop people-centric leadership and cultures focusing on people, purpose and performance where everybody matters.

With over 30 years’ experience within people focused roles in professional and financial services Jane combines her passion for personal development, leadership and learning to help leaders and organizations generate people and business growth in harmony. Jane’s work is underpinned with post graduate diplomas in Human Resources Management and Psychological Coaching.

Additionally, Jane is an accredited coach, facilitator and teacher with Time to Think supporting others develop their independent thinking with rigour, courage and imagination in service of their professional and organizational aspirations. Jane is also author of Are you listening, or just waiting to speak? – The secret to propelling your business relationships.

Jane’s Website: http://janeadsheadgrant.com/


From Proficient to Masterful: ICF Competencies in Health and Wellness Coaching – 90-min

Dr. Arloski may be the first professional to integrate the ICF Core Competencies style of coaching into working with clients for lifestyle improvement and wellness.

Michael will explore both How To Be and What To Do in wellness coaching at a masterful level with respect to Health & Wellness Coaching. His Wellness coaching methodology is structured around the ICF Core Competencies.

You will learn how :

  • Health & Wellness Coaching differs from Life Coaching
  • What are the Ethical Guidelines and Professional Standards of Health & Wellness Coaching
  • Masterful Health & Wellness Coaching goes beyond what is typically offered in the healthcare industry
  • Wellness coaching supports the growing field of Lifestyle Medicine
  • Well developed behavioral change methodology is critical to success in wellness coaching
  • What it really takes for a wellness coach to go from mere competency to proficiency and to mastery

Michael Arloski, Ph.D, PCC, CWP, NBC-HWC

Michael’s life’s work and passion is creating allies for a healthy world. A psychologist with over twenty-five years of clinical work, and professional contribution to the field of wellness and health promotion since 1978, he is one of the key developers of the field of health & wellness coaching. His company, Real Balance Global Wellness Services, Inc., has trained over 8,000 coaches on six continents.

Michael was a founding board member of the International Consortium for Health & Wellness Coaching, establishing standards and credentialing for the profession. He is the author of Wellness Coaching For Lasting Lifestyle Change, 2nd Ed., the foundational book of the field, published in English and Mandarin. An effective and engaging public speaker and trainer, Dr. Arloski has keynoted and led workshops across the globe.

His past professional leadership history includes being President of The Ohio Society for Behavioral Health & Biofeedback, The Colorado College Counselors Association, and President of the Board of Directors of the National Wellness Institute. An avid outdoorsman and thirty-year practitioner of Tai Chi, he and his wife, Deborah, live, work, dance and play in Northern Colorado.

Michael’s website: www.realbalance.com





Sylviane explores the topic of creating intimacy via virtual coaching and how to create trust and intimacy respecting cultural differences as they apply to different backgrounds, etc.

You will learn how to:

  • Apply ICF Competency Trust and Intimacy at a Masterful level
  • Create authentic trust to help client feel at ease
  • Create intimacy even virtually
  • Explore cultural differences


Sylviane Cannio is one of the pioneers of coaching in Belgium. She started her coaching career with a “coach attitude” during her executive trainings and classes at the university where she was teaching Strategic Management. She began accompanying teams in 1994 and later on individuals. Master Certified Coach by the ICF since 2009, she accompanies executives and leaders on four continents. As a true globetrotter, multilingual and multicultural, she trains coaches in several countries through her school Nova Terra Coach Training, and is a well-appreciated keynote in major conferences.

Between 2008 and 2010, she was a member of the Global Board of the ICF and Vice-President ICF Global in 2010. She was one of the founding members of the Regional Advisory Council of the ICF for the Europe, Middle-East and Africa zone, in charge of the task force Credentialing. She has been an ICF assessor at all levels since 2008. She authored two books translated in several languages, namely Coaching Excellence (with Viviane Launer, MCC) featuring twelve coaching cases and their tools.

Sylviane’s website: http://www.novaterracoaching.com/


You will learn how to:

  • Differentiate between a personal ethical code of conduct and a professional code of conduct
  • Explore the rules around confidentiality and who needs to be involved in the conversation
  • Navigate sometimes confusing conflicts of interest, some examples of different types of conflicts and how a coach might handle them
  • Differentiate between an actual and a perceived conflict of interest
  • Include cultural diversity as it impacts the coaching relationship
  • Avoid an ethical conflict

Philip Cohen, MCC

Philip Cohen, Master Certified Coach, has a passion for working with business owners and senior executives. His background as a former CPA, coupled with his coach training makes him uniquely suited to the work he does with clients.

In addition to coaching in the business environment, Philip also teaches coaching and is a mentor coach to other coaches. He works with them to grow their coaching skills, and to develop themselves. Philip was an early adopter of coaching, starting his coach training and coaching business in 1994. Philip is a founding member of the ICF, past International Treasurer, and was an assessor for the ICF credentialing program for many years. Currently he’s an assessor at an ACTP program. He especially enjoys teaching the practice labs and ethics class. The feedback he gets from students and mentees is that he is excellent at fostering growth through his teaching style and focus on subtleties and nuances of coaching. As a lifelong learner, Philip is continually adding to his skill set through both formal and informal study.

Philip’s website: http://pushtheenvelopemastermindsandcoaching.com




Join Cynthia Loy Darst, MCC, as we take a deep dive into curiosity, listening, discernment, and creating awareness.

When a coach brings active listening and curiosity to a session, they can support the client in creating awareness about how they think and how they are looking at a situation. The coach can reflect back what they hear, supporting clients in gaining new information and discovering for themselves their best ways forward.

The conversation, distinctions and exercises offered in this session will open up and strengthen Core Competencies of Active Listening and Creating Awareness for those attending.

You will learn how to:

  • Create Awareness for our clients. Awareness of what? How do we do that? 
  • Deepen listening at a masterful level 
  • Use Creating Awareness as an antidote to problem solving
  • Deeply explore what masterful coaches mean by curiosity
  • Apply the Inside Team approach – What does it mean to hear from “different parts” of ourselves



Named “One of the Top Ten Most Influential Coaches in the U.S.,” Cynthia Darst is playful and inspiring, working with all kinds of people to move them past limitations and into action & fulfillment.

Cynthia is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, a Certified Relationship & Systems Coach and one of the first eight to receive the designation of Master Certified Coach (MCC) from the International Coach Federation. She is the Author of Meet Your Inside Team – How To Turn Internal Conflict Into Clarity and Move Forward with Your Life.

As a Senior Course Leader for both The Coaches Training Institute and CRR Global (The Center for Right Relationship), she delights in traveling the US, Canada, and the world, training others in the skills of Co-Active Coaching for individuals, relationships and organizational systems. She has been instrumental in the selection, training and development of new and current leaders for both CRR and CTI.

Passionate about quality and excellence in the world of coaching, Cynthia was a founding member of the International Coach Federation, has also served on the Board of Directors of the Professional Coaches and Mentors Association and is Past-President of ACTO (The Assoc. of Coach Training Organizations).

Cynthia’s website: http://teamdarst.com/


DEEPER SOONER, Establishing the Coaching Agreement -90-MIN

The intention of this competency is to partner with the client for clarity and alignment towards achieving their meaningful results. Shift the nature of your questions so you help clients discover their underlying issue.

You will learn how to:

  • Use the coaching agreement to help clients discover their underlying issue
  •  Uncover the clients’ underlying motivation leads to longer lasting resolution.
  •  Leverage the power of the coaching agreement to facilitate transformational conversations so that clients shift their relationship to their “issue,” learn more about themselves, and gain greater access to their greatness!
  •  Establish the Coaching Agreement, so your conversation is clearly focused and directed towards what the client wants to accomplish.
  • Leverage the power of the coaching agreement process for facilitating transformational conversations, so that clients shift their relationship to their “issue,” learn more about themselves, and gain greater access to their greatness!


Fran is a Master Certified Coach. She is well known internationally as a visionary leader, speaker, and published author. She specializes in providing coaching services for visionary leaders committed to making a difference in the world, and for providing coaching and mentoring for experienced coaches.

Recipient of The Lifetime Achievement Award 2012 by the ICF Chapter Washington State, Fran is recognized as one of the pioneers and champions for coaching. She served as a founding ICF Executive Board member, and responsible for developing the Credentialing Programs for aspiring coaches and training schools. Fran was the first Executive Director of the Association for Coach Training Organizations, ACTO. She has been serving ICF as a PCC and MCC Credentialing Assessor since 1998.

In 1991, Fran founded the Living Your Vision (LYV) process for empowering individuals in transforming their visions into reality. In 1997, Fran founded the Academy for Coach Training, one of the first three ICF accredited schools.

Fran’s website: http://franfishercoach.com 




Masterful coaches know how to use the powerful tool of silence. Most people are uncomfortable with silence but when used skillfully, it allows the coach to access a level of depth, trust and partnership with our client that would otherwise not be available. We stay in flow fully present with our client. In flow, all the competencies all show up.

Our discussion will explore what is it about silence that makes it so powerful as a coaching tool. How does silence facilitate depth and partnership?

You will learn how to:

  • Be observant, empathetic and responsive
  • Turn up the ability to be fully conscious and create a spontaneous relationship with the client, employing a style that is open, flexible and confident
  • Explore how depth impacts the conversation and includes objective and emotional topics about who the client is, what the client wants, how the client learns and what the client has to teach the coach
  • Be alert to triggers of judgment and how to self manage them


I’ve created a special LIVE event- a three-part, six-hour training series, ”Key Reasons Coaches Do Not Pass Their MCC Performance Evaluation” and it’s yours just because you’re a part of the summit.

Dates:  Dec. 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 2019 from 8 to 10 pm Eastern Time, or Jan. 20th, 21st, 22nd, 2020 from 10 am to 12 noon Eastern Time, or Feb. 24th, 25th, 26th, 2020 from 12 noon to 2 pm Eastern Time.



Annie has been coaching individuals, teams and relationships to make radical change since 1997 and has been in business for over four decades.

Founder of her company, Radical Wisdom, she holds a Master of Business Administration Degree, is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, trained in Organizational and Relationship Systems Coaching and Team Coaching, and an ICF PCC and MCC Assessor.

A pioneer in every area of her life, she was the first to introduce strategic marketing into a Canadian teaching hospital. She has a diverse range of life experience, which includes a 15-year career in the corporate world, being a reflexology instructor, certified holistic practitioner and …. living in the Himalayan mountains of India for 7 years while studying with a meditation and yoga master.

Annie is the co-creator and host of the Essence of Mastery Summit, an annual event devoted to cultivating coaching mastery – http://essenceofmasterysummit – a collaborative alliance of world renowned Master Coaches dedicated to the highest caliber coaching and mentoring.

Annie’s clients are professional coaches who are driven to step up their coaching mastery skills in service of being the most potent change catalysts possible for their clients.

When she is not assisting clients in creating radical change, she can usually be found exploring the woods, usually in close proximity to a lake, or knee-deep in some creation with paint, gardening, words, or food. Her next favourite past-time is laughing with her husband at the antics of their two Maine Coon cats.

Annie’s website: http://radicalwisdom.com



David will present models, using creative and inspiring language essential for empowering individuals with ADHD, (6-8% of the world population), to create fulfilling lives.

David will demonstrate how he uses the coaching process to help his ADHD clients overcome the invisible challenges of inattention, impulsivity, hyperactivity and executive functions, the management system of the brain.

He will also share specific examples of how clients who felt broken, disabled and in the depth of darkness were empowered to embrace their unique brain-wiring to explore, discover and embrace their inner greatness.

You will learn how to:

  • Coach the essence of ADHD Coaching and the powerful neuroscience that supports it
  • Apply the ICF core competencies for ADHD clients
  • Help ADHD clients overcome the invisible challenges of inattention, impulsivity, hyperactivity and executive function
  • Apply the core competencies and a coaching process that can help ADHD clients overcome the invisible challenges of inattention, impulsivity, hyperactivity and executive functions, the management system of the brain
  • Use wisdom from specific examples of how clients who felt broken, disabled and in the depth of darkness were empowered through the coaching process applying core competencies to embrace their unique brain-wiring to explore, discover and embrace their inner greatness.


David Giwerc is a Master Certified ADHD Coach, MCAC, with the Professional Association of ADHD Coaches (PAAC) and a Master Certified Coach, MCC, with the International Coach Federation (ICF). He is also the Founder and President of the ADD Coach Academy (ADDCA), the first and largest comprehensive ADHD coach training program fully accredited by the ICF and PAAC, the governing bodies of the Life Coaching and ADHD Coaching Professions.

David has been recognized for his many contributions in the field of ADHD coaching and research. He was inducted into the 2016 International CHADD (Children and Adults with ADHD) Hall of Fame and received the 2016 ACO Founders Award from the ADHD Coaches Organization.

As past president of the ADDA (Attention Deficit Disorder Association). As a veteran ADDA board member, he was involved in the development of their “Guiding Principles for Coaching Individuals with ADHD.” Currently, David serves on the Professional Advisory Board of ADDA, PAAC, and is a former board member of APSARD (American Professional Society of ADHD and Related Disorders).

In his groundbreaking book, Permission to Proceed: The Keys to Creating a Life of Passion, Purpose, and Possibility for Adults with ADHD, David shares his unique and effective coaching models for gaining control of one’s ADHD at home, work, and in the community.

David has an internationally recognized coaching practice dedicated to empowering ADHD entrepreneurs, executives, and CEOs from businesses of all sizes. David’s ADHD coaching skills, intuitive business sense, and diverse experience have been credited in helping to transform struggling businesses into profitable thriving enterprise.

David’s website: http://addca.com




Our clients tell three primary stories in the Living of their lives. A victim story, that has them re-cycling problems and keeps them stuck. An overcoming Story that has them in a pattern of facing challenges and breaking through only to face another challenge. And a Great Story, one of connection, ease and the living of the journey their Soul came to tell.

This journey is an emotional journey, with each story having a primary emotional backdrop. Facilitating client breakthroughs is an emotional process. Real change occurs at an emotional level.

Recognizing your client’s emotional state and knowing how to take the client deeper into their emotions for release and transformation is the terrain of the master coach.

You will learn how to:

  • Explore and use 21 frequencies of emotion with your client
  • Help your client use emotional states and three stories (Victim, Overcoming and Great Story) towards breakthrough
  • Apply core competencies to stories to help clients get unstuck.
  • Help clients discover patterns of facing challenges and breaking through only to face
    another challenge.
  • Use Great Story to connect ease and the living of the journey their Soul came to tell.
  • Facilitate client breakthroughs using creating awareness in an emotional process


Jeanine Mancusi is fiercely committed to guiding coaches, healers, and transformational leaders to bring a warm, loving, soulful and powerful presence in their interactions with their clients.

Through the Lucid Living Great Story Coaching Program, she trains “transformation specialists” to hear the client’s unique Soul’s journey and heal trapped trauma, pain and shame, freeing them to live rich, satisfying lives, expressing their true gifts in the world. Jeanine believes “awake” coaches and healers are here to play a critical role in the new emerging world.

With 26 years of experience working with transformational coaches and leaders, she is passionate about supporting them to come into deep acceptance of self and giving them tools and secrets of catalyzing breakthroughs in their clients through sacred, soulful work.

Jeanine’s website: http://www.lucidliving.net





– 60-MIN

Masterful coaches know their clients expect more from them than powerful questions and active listening. Yet how do you know how far to go in directly communicating, across all eleven coaching competencies, without crossing the line?

Marilyn reveals what you may have missed in your coach training (and the basis of her seven hour course) about How to Directly Communicate without Crossing the Line, with special emphasis on crucial cultural differences, fun magical metaphors and how to find and not cross that line.

Cultural differences impacting the coaching partnership as well as coaching results can arise based on cultural identities and beliefs including gender, generation, ethnicity, nationality/region, sexual orientation, religion, etc. Through coaching examples Marilyn illuminates a path to successfully managing the line between directly communicating and directing, taking culture into account. Magical metaphors bridge cultural differences and also cut to the heart of the matter through bypassing the brain’s alarms when change is sensed.

You will learn how to:

  • Be culturally “just right” on the “Directometer”so you do not offend or lose business
  • Increase awareness of the line you do not want to cross! between direct and directing
  • Use Magical Metaphors: a “back door to the brain” approach


Marilyn O’Hearne, committed to Unlocking Potential, is a globally experienced, culturally intelligent and appropriately direct leadership, team and mentor coach as well as Coaching SUPERvisor who has worked with leaders and coaches in more than 40 countries for 20+ years, including United Nations leaders.

As an innovative, visionary thought partner, Marilyn operates as your co-pilot, partnering with you to map out the journey ahead, identify and overcome potential obstacles, and stay focused, confidently on course as you further unlock your team’s, organization’s, and your own potential and success. As pilot and co-pilot, we keep the big, aerial picture in mind, incorporating global perspectives and a systems approach. And as you fly out into the uncertain sea of rapid change and cultural complexity, Marilyn’s faith and gentle strength provide a firm launching pad that does not jettison off, but continues with you as you rocket to transformation!

Marilyn served six years on the ICF Global Board of Directors, followed by the board of the Association of Coach Training Organizations and the first ICF Advance Advisory Team, on Cultural Competence, one of her passions. Marilyn has lived, presented, taught, and trained in Asia Pacific, Brazil, and Spain. “It is impossible to not work interculturally!” she says, even in your own community when you consider gender, generation, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, etc.

Marilyn’s website: http://marilynoh.com



Jay will explore mastery beyond the ICF core competencies offering very different perspectives on the foundations of being a coach. He uses A Wonder-Shop as a creative space where questions lead to more questions and answers are opportunities to ask even more.

You will learn:

  • Mastery as a destination versus ongoing state of being
  • The distinction between “I don’t know” and “I don’t know.” (yes there is one)
  • Using curiosity about the distinction between mastery and mastery “over”
  • The difference between mastery and ego
  • Using mastery as a brand


Jay Perry, author of Take Charge of Your Talent: three Keys to Thriving in Your Career, Organization, and Life. Formerly an MCC, he is now a Master Certified ADHD Coach (MCAC), personal champion and creative partner who helps people take advantage of both business and personal challenges in unique and powerful ways. His clients include creative artists, entrepreneurs, and 500 corporate executives. He is known as one of the world’s leading mentors for new coaches seeking professional certification.

He is currently on the teaching faculty of ADDCA, The ADD Coaching Academy and works with people who have been diagnosed with ADD to take advantage of their special gifts.
Jay has coached and led workshops for thousands of people around the world on diverse topics such as business planning, leadership, transformational change, personal mastery, coaching skills, communication, and career planning. In 1991, he began working with legendary coach Thomas Leonard and participated in the creation of Coach University and the International Coach Federation.

Jay’s corporate coaching clients include executives at AT&T, Avaya, Genentech, GlaxoSmithKline, Shell, First National Bank of Nebraska, and Schlumberger. His artist clients include award winners from stage, television, film, and the visual arts.

Jay’s website: http://www.jayperry.com





Patrick will present ideas from his newest book Getting Naked: On Emotional Transparency at the Right Time, the Right Place, and with the Right Person. And an online program for coaches.

He will reveal how coaches can elicit more ‘naked conversations” from their clients, in life or business challenges.

All coaching is eventually about meaning-making, and increasing self-awareness for the client. What’s in our shadow is revealed in the light with open, honest and heartfelt coaching conversations.

Many clients may have unfinished business from their past, unresolved hurts or dreams that were broken in relationships, work history, or other personal wounds. So how can coaching create a sacred space for naked conversations that assist clients to take back the energy that has been hooked to hiding these negative thoughts, old hurts, or limiting beliefs.

You will learn how to:

  • Use Emotional Learning and Self Disclosure in Masterful Coaching
  • Create intimacy and trust as a foundational skill in the coaching relationship to get to ‘truths’
  • How coaches can model self-disclosure and create an environment where truthful (emotionally naked) conversations can occur for the client. Emotions are powerful growth lessons, and should not be avoided in coaching. Deep coaching occurs in a space that fosters honest self expression and exploration.


Dr. Patrick Williams is a psychologist turned Executive Coach (HP, IBM, Kodak) Philanthropist and Educator. Here’s how he explains his professional journey.

After 15 years as a practicing therapist, he became one of the coaching industry’s founding pioneers, an initial founding member of the ICF, built The Institute for Life Coach Training and began “Coaching the Global Village” to deliver the power of the coach approach to communities of all sizes, in developing nations and in prisons.

His 7th book, “Getting Naked (With Your Clothes On)” is a new program leveraging the full spectrum of his experience as an explorer of life strategies for optimal living.

“Getting Naked (With Your Clothes On)” is a program that takes participants on exciting inner adventures, blazes trails for new, more enjoyable choices, and more effective life strategies. It guides them to uncover hidden passions, release limiting beliefs, reclaim their power, fulfill their deepest needs, pursue their life’s purpose, build deep rich relationships with themselves and others.”

Dr. Williams is an inaugural recipient of the ICF’s Circle of Distinction Award, a Master Certified Coach, a Board Certified Coach, a Coach for the US Navy SEAL Future Fund, and a member of the Forbes Coaching Council. He is a Founding Member of Harvard University’s Institute of Coaching department and Chair of the Coaching Psychology Program at the International University of Professional Studies. Dr. Williams is also Past President of ACTO (Association of Coach Training Organizations) a Global Visionary Fellow (Foundation of Coaching) an Honorary VP of the International Society for Coaching Psychology, and a Lifetime Member of the Association of Humanistic Psychology.

Patrick’s website: http://drpatwilliams.com/


Georgina believes that team coaching is significant and essential as almost all organizations are structured around teams, yet very few teams are effective.

The challenges are well known – individual star players who put their own agendas ahead of the collective endeavor, silos and turf wars, death by meeting, pervasive conflict or an insidious yet comfortable passivity that achieves little – to name but a few.

You will learn how to:

  • Develop your capacity to be fully present to the team, the organisation and to ourselves as coaches.
  • Be mindfully aware to notice the dynamics and translate this into meaningful dialogue rather than get consumed by trying to maintain or regain our presence.
  • Dance in the moment, in the fire of uncertainty or frustration
  • Use what is going on as a primary coaching tool from being rather than doing team coaching


Georgina coaches chief executives, senior leaders and executive teams. She has been described as having “strong presence and credibility”, as being “experienced and wise” and a coach who “has extraordinary empathy” allowing her to be “challenging but gentle”. She is a global shaper in the world of team coaching and is generous and open with her wealth of knowledge, and experience.


She is also the Principal of the Executive Coach Studio, who provide unique learning experiences for executive team coaches looking to deepen their practice and develop greater congruence and coherence in their work. Georgina is a successful entrepreneur in her own right, a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF), the Association for Coaching (AC), the International Transactional Analysis Association (ITAA) and co-author of ‘Coaching Global Top Teams’ in Leadership Coaching: Working with Leaders to Develop Elite Performance (Kogan Page).


She holds an Advanced Diploma in Coach Mastery from ITS, a Diploma in Transactional Analysis and a Certificate in the Supervision of Coaches, Mentors and Consultants from Bath Consultancy Group.


Georgina’s website: georginawoudstra.com