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The 2017 Essence Mastery Summit Speaker Line-Up

Meg Mann, MCC
E=MC2 Energy Mastery for Coach and Client
As masterful coaches, we master our own energy, and are keenly aware of how to set and reset our personal energy as needed. We are aware and know how to take charge and recharge! Once we observe or perceive a client’s energy, what do we do with it? How do we masterfully coach the client in these moments? In this session we will explore how we can increase our mastery in perceiving and coaching the client using their personal energy.

Terrie Lupberger, MCC
You ARE What You Practice…Making Change Stick for Our Clients (and Ourselves)
“You are what you repeatedly do”. We coaches speak about mastery and want to gain mastery in our profession, but don’t necessarily have a pragmatic way to think about mastery nor a path to follow. This conversation lays out a powerful path to mastery. This will offer you a powerful framework that allows you to take your coaching conversations deeper and get to your clients’ underlying and embedded habits in thinking and doing.

Lynn Stewart, PCC
Embracing the Gift of the Mirror
Self-awareness of the mirroring dynamic provides the coach an opportunity to consciously set aside personal distractions and biases, so the client has a sacred space for their process, and so the coach can experience their own personal development learning and growth. Often the relationship deepens between client and coach as a result of a shared mirror experience.

Annie Gelfand, MBA, CPCC, MCC

Leaning Into Conflict – Creating Space For Intimacy & Trust
Ignoring the Issues Will Not Make Them Go Away. Let’s face it. Sometimes as coaches, we encounter a difficult conversation, whether it’s a client wanting to end coaching, or a difficult relationship at work or at home. Creating intimacy and trust is one of the foundations of a successful coaching partnership. Mastering the ability to navigate these sometimes rough waters is one of the best ways to deepen intimacy and trust with your clients and in your life.

Meryl Moritz
Getting Decision Makers to Say “YES” to Coaching!
Meryl has found multiple uses of the CCCs in her 22 years of coaching, one of which addresses the biggest ‘pain point’ she has uncovered: coaches desperately trying to get business, especially from large organizations. The coaches’ most common lament is “I’m not a sales person!” The second most frequently aired is “I don’t like marketing.” This session offers best practices for how to successfully pitch a coaching program for one executive, one team or an entire tier of employees relying on the same skills we use to facilitate successful outcomes in coaching clients.

Janet Harvey, MCC
Live Sovereign to Be a Sovereign Coach
A mindset of ease and comfort as a coach has a shadow side. It is complacency and habit. This webinar will explore being sovereign as a coach. Learning to engage boldly and authentically as a sovereign coach with clients fosters a sustainable pathway for excellence and breakthrough experience in life.

Marcia Reynolds, PsyD, MCC
The Tipping Point of Coaching – How to Masterfully Spark Transformation
What do you do when a client is stuck and you are not sure what to say? This session will look at the power of disruption in coaching, and the courage you need to spark the uncomfortable yet amazing mental shifts needed for change. When you become good at using the “discomfort zone” in coaching, your clients will not only see new possibilities for action, they will remember these mind-stretching moments forever.

Fran Fisher, MCC
Creating Sacred Space for Your Client
Coaching is the Sacred Space of Unconditional Love, where Learning, Growth, and Transformation naturally occur. Sacred Space is an honoring, caring, safe environment that is clear of distractions for the client’s process. The greater your ability to remove the distractions that you cause in the conversation, the more your client will show up to themselves: to hear what they are thinking, to feel what they are feeling, and gain access to their own wisdom and greatness.



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