Fran Fisher, MCC

Fran Fisher, MCC
April 27th, 2018
from 12-1:30 PM ET
Mining for Gold — It’s all about Learning


Mining for Gold — It’s all about Learning

A client’s new awareness is the opportunity for the coach to mine for the gold nuggets of self-discovery lying just below the surface of their awareness.

Coaching is founded on the principle of empowerment. In other words, you facilitate a client’s self-empowerment by helping them learn more about themselves, so they will grow their own capacities for greater success and fulfillment in their work and lives.

We will explore a level of mastery that calls for mining for the client’s learning, self-discovery, or deep wisdom that lies underneath their new awareness.

You Will Learn:

  • Go beyond the client’s raised awareness to inviting their learning more about themselves
  • Listen for the opportunities in the conversation to mine for the client’s learning
  • Discover their own personal barriers or blind spots to digging deeper with their client
About Fran Fisher, MCC

Fran is a Master Certified Coach (MCC), visionary leader, international speaker, and published author. She specializes in providing coaching and mentoring for experienced coaches.

Recipient of The Lifetime Achievement Award 2012 by the ICF Chapter Washington State, Fran is recognized internationally as one of the pioneers and champions for coaching. She served as a founding International Coach Federation, ICF, Executive Board member, responsible for developing the Credentialing Programs for aspiring coaches and training schools. Fran was the first Executive Director of the Association for Coach Training Organizations, ACTO. She is currently serving ICF as a PCC and MCC Credentialing Assessor.

In 1991, Fran founded the Living Your Vision® (LYV) process for empowering individuals in transforming their visions into reality. In 1997, Fran founded the Academy for Coach Training, one of the first International Coach Federation (ICF) accredited schools. In 2005, shifting her focus to private practice, Fran sold the ACT and LYV businesses and their associated trademarks to inviteCHANGE.

Fran is author of:
Violet’s Vision,
The Illusion of Hopelessness,
Calling Forth Greatness, Seven Coaching Wisdoms for Transforming Your Life
Co-author of Empowerment Selling,

Fran lives near Seattle, Washington, USA. In her leisure time, she enjoys ballroom dancing, long walks on ocean beaches, and hiking Pacific Northwest trails.

DATE/TIME of Presentation
April 27th, 2018 from 12-1:30 PM ET

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