Michael Stratford, MCC

Michael Stratford, MCC
April 24th, 2018 from 12-1:30 PM ET
Mastery: It’s an Inside Job


Mastery: It’s an Inside Job

We’ll be looking some of the mythology of mastery as well as what it takes to sustain it. Much of the time people focus on what to add, how to increase their skills. While skill building is relevant what’s more relevant is the presence involved. The ‘who’ that is building the skill, because who you are makes a difference in what you do. It is also in the uniqueness of you.

This is also about learning but it’s the ‘what’ that one is doing with the learning. Acquisition of more data/ tools/ techniques/ models does not necessarily lead to Mastery. In fact, those things can be used as a substitute for actual Mastery as people whip their credentials out or their latest model or scientific data in order to present as “Masterful.”

Mastery as I see it is an experiential event. You can watch others ride a bike, you can hear anecdotal tales about it, study the theories of motion and gravity, get advice and statistics about it all, but the only way you learn is to ride. It’s only when you’re on the bike that the principle of balance and motion over distance make sense. No one gained mastery by getting more information about how to ride a bike. The learned by doing it. And, the speed by which they learned is often a direct match for who they were being during the learning process…once again…who you are makes a difference in what you do. This is what we’ll be exploring along with the context of uniqueness that informs the entire coaching process.

You Will Learn
  • You may not ‘learn’ anything you don’t already know content wise. What may be important is the opportunity to ‘unlearn’ what is in the mix and affecting the presence of Mastery
  • The importance of Presence in the Coaching Mastery equation “Performance = Potential – Interference
  • The important distinctions of coach as container vs. coach as portal vs. coach as presence

About Michael Stratford

Michael Stratford – Master Executive Coach, Author, Speaker
“Provocateur of Personal and Business Transformation”
Michael is a champion of uniqueness and specializes in unorthodox thought leadership. When presenting it’s been said he’s a blend of wise elder and wickedly irreverent comedian. But that doesn’t include the business savvy, range and depth of experience garnered from 56 different jobs, and the mastery born of 2 decades of coaching clients from rock bands to Fortune 100 company execs and their teams.

He has created an ACTP called Coaching Mastery Program: Designed with Mastery in Mind that he’s delivering both in person and online for China.

He’s also very excited that 2018 will be the debut of his long awaited, labor of love called 7 Realms: A Quest for Self Mastery, which is like nothing ever seen or experienced before in the personal and professional development world.

In field of Executive Coaching, he has earned a reputation for helping others achieve a level of Mastery in communication, leadership, and team performance. Michael’s business client list is an exercise in diversification. It includes Finance/, IT, Energy, Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Social media, the Online Gaming World and even other consulting/ coaching providers.
Michael is masterful in the Art of Provocative Inquiry for Leadership Development. His creativity, love of language, and sensing acuity have helped his clients align with emerging trends and personally congruent solutions.

DATE/TIME of Presentation
April 24th, 2018 from 12-1:30 PM ET

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