Essence of Mastery Summit

Essence of Mastery Summit

An Online Conference for Coaches Ready for Mastery

DEC 2-4, 2019

registration is now open!

registration is now open!




  20 ICF CCEUs

 13 Masterful Coaches | 20 ICF CCEUs

The Essence of Mastery Summit is a collaborative alliance of ICF Masterful Certified Coaches
dedicated to the highest quality coaching and mentoring.




registration for the 2019 essence of mastery summit is now open.

Get ready. The next 2019 Essence of Mastery Summit LIVE event runs from December 2nd through 4th, 2019 (2020 dates are listed in our FAQ) and we simply can’t wait to show you what we have in store! 

  • Do you crave advanced-level guidance to expand your coaching skills?
  • Do you feel uninspired and eager for a breakthrough so you can serve your clients more powerfully?
  • Are you looking for new transformational tools to become an effective change maker for your clients?
  • Perhaps you need ICF CCEUs to renew your coaching credential?
  • Or, maybe you’re preparing for your MCC exam?

Whatever your motive, the 2019 Essence of Mastery Summit was created for people like you who are passionate about excellence and mastery ready to raise the bar on their coaching mastery.

As with previous years, the 2019 Summit is packed with transformational tools that give you an in-depth view of the core competencies at a master-level and be a better change maker for your clients.

The 2019 Essence of Mastery Summit is
designed to help coaches:

  • Explore new ways of being with your clients to help them feel more heard, seen, and understood.
  • Build your coaching confidence by breathing life into the ICF Core Competencies as you prepare for your PCC or MCC exams.
  • Learn state-of-the-art and time-tested tools taught by Master Coaches to increase your coaching effectiveness.
  • Allow your inspiration to inform YOUR unique coaching style, so that your clients connect their vision and ability to act upon their intentions.
  • Connect with a community of coaches on the continual path to mastery.

Join us from DECEMBER 2ND THROUGH 4TH, 2019 for this exclusive, online event.

Meet the Masters:

Your Essence of Mastery Summit Host:

Annie Gelfand, ICF Master Certified Coach

Creator, Essence of Mastery Summit

These 13 Truly Masterful Coaches Share Their Expertise With You:

Please click on individual speaker’s photograph to get details.


jane adshead-grant, MCC

Finding the Jewel in the Rubble: Unlock the Power of Independent Thinking

Jane will explore how to use Generative Listening and Powerful Questioning, challenge limiting assumptions, and generate breakthrough ideas, actions and strategies, to help your clients breakthrough when they feel stuck.

michael arloski,Ph.D., PCC, CWP, NBC-HWC

From Proficient to Masterful: ICF Competencies in Health and Wellness Coaching

Health & Wellness Coaching may be the fastest growing area of coaching. Coaching for Lasting Lifestyle Change takes deeper skill than is often seen in large delivery systems. Michael will explore both How To Be and What To Do in wellness coaching at a masterful level.

sylviane cannio, MCC

Dare to Bond: It Boosts Change!

Sylviane will discuss how to deepen trust when you begin working with a new client and how this differs at a Master coach level. She will explore pitfalls and challenges, and what to stay alert to when creating a bond.

philip cohen, MCC

Ethics: Pitfalls and Opportunities

In this rich and deep exploration of ethics as it applies at a masterful level, Philip discusses how the ICF Code of Ethical Conduct sets the professional coach apart from the “counterfeit coach”.

cynthia loy darst, MCC

Creating Awareness? Awareness of what?

As coaches, a large part of what we do is to create awareness for our clients. Active listening and curiosity are especially powerful competencies that, when applied masterfully, can help clients reveal patterns of limiting beliefs and explore more empowering perspectives no matter the situation.


Deeper, Sooner: Establishing the Coaching Agreement

In the last twenty years, since the core competencies were designed, assessors and coaching skills trainers have learned this: There are key elements for success and effectiveness that will transform the quality of your coaching conversations with the client, from a surface level conversation, to a transformational conversation. Fran will share those key elements with you in this thought provoking and thorough conversation. PLUS, you will get an additional bonus – Fran doing a 20-minute coaching demo of this competency PLUS an additional 13-minute bonus of Fran and Annie debriefing the demo.

annie gelfand, MBA, CPCC, MCC

Silence: A Coaching Super Power

Silence is something that many people find uncomfortable. What is it about silence that is so hard to be with? Silence is a potent and powerful catalyst when used appropriately especially combined with several of the ICF Core Competencies. Our discussion will explore what is it about silence that makes it so powerful as a coaching tool.

PLUS- I’ve created a special bonus for you June 17th, 18th and 19th.  It’s a LIVE  Three-Part six-hour training series on the ”Key Reasons Coaches Do Not Pass Their MCC Performance Evaluation” and it’s yours just because you’re a part of the summit.

NB. Attendance is mandatory if you are wanting CCEU’s.

Additional dates are January 20-22, 2020 and February  24-26, 2020

david giwerc, MCC

Neuro-Diversity: Transforming the Coaching Lens of ADHD from Dis-ability to Different-Abilities

David will share the essence of ADHD Coaching and the powerful neuroscience that supports it using creative and inspiring language essential for empowering individuals with ADHD, (6-8% of the world population), to create fulfilling lives. David will demonstrate how he uses the coaching process to help his ADHD clients overcome the invisible challenges.

JEANINE MANCUSI, CPCC and Lucid Living Master Coach

The Power of Emotional Distinctions for Client Breakthroughs

Jeanine takes listeners on an exploration into how to use your client’s story as a primary emotional backdrop and powerful change agent. She will show you how facilitating client breakthroughs is an emotional process through connection, ease and living the journey their Soul came to tell.

marilyn o'hearne, MCC

How to Communicate Directly Without Crossing the Line

Are you walking a thin line between wanting to be direct without crossing over into being too directive? Learn how to better utilize this misunderstood, under-utilized ICF Core Competency of Direct Communication for greater impact and results, especially regarding cultural differences. Discover the line you do not want to cross between being direct and directive and how to use magical metaphors as a “back door to the brain” to courageously cut to the heart of the matter.

jay perry, MCAC

A Masterful Coaching Wonder-Shop

Is there a right way to coach? Join Jay Perry for a provocative and energizing conversation where we call into question what we know about coaching and face the invisible challenge for masterful coaching: a total immersion in a state of wonder. Jay will explore mastery beyond the ICF Core Competencies provocatively offering very different perspectives on the foundations of being a coach.

patrick williams, EdD, MCC, BCC

Getting Naked (with your clothes on): Emotional Learning and Self-Disclosure in Masterful Coaching

All coaching is eventually about meaning-making, and increasing self-awareness for the client. Coaching creates a sacred space for naked conversations that assists clients to take back the energy that has been hooked to hiding any negative thoughts, old hurts, or limiting beliefs.

georgina woudstra, MCC

Putting Coaching Back Into Team Coaching

Team coaching is one of the fastest growing fields in coaching, yet little is understood about the Art of Team Coaching. In this presentation, Georgina will explore the ICF Core Competencies as they apply to team coaching, where they are similar and vastly different.

Learn from the true visionaries of the coaching industry as they generously share, discuss, and inspire offering productive conversations exploring coaching mastery AND be awarded ICF CCEUs at the same time.

Get Your  VIP All-Access TICKET for $247.

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Your All-Access Ticket Includes:


13, 60 to 90-minute present-ations on coaching mastery that you own for life.

Audio and video files so you can consume content the way you learn best.

20  ICF CCEUs to help you raise the bar on your coaching mastery skills.


Presentations, worksheets, or other handouts.

OVER $4300 in Special BONUSES from speakers.

Hi there. I’m Annie Gelfand and I’m always in search of the essence of coaching mastery.


After learning of the daunting failure rate for the ICF MCC exam in 2009 (it was 93%, by the way), I set about exploring what would help MCC applicants successfully pass the exam.


I discovered that mastery is not a destination but a way of being.


The Essence of Mastery Summit came into existence because my dear colleague and friend, Fran Fisher, and I were looking to be inspired when we were renewing our ICF Master Certified Coach credentials.


But the more we searched for seminars and conferences that really pushed the needle on the essence of masterful coaching, the more frustrated we became with the lack of available options.


So, we set out a vision to create the platform ourselves.


I am proud that I am also an ICF PCC and MCC assessor. Today, the Essence of Mastery Summit is celebrating its third year of full, rich content of what it takes to be a masterful coach. The Summit is meant to enrich your coaching skillset by providing powerful discussions, insights, and tools that help you deepen and apply your application of the ICF Core Competencies at a masterful level. 

The mission of the Summit is to explore and raise the bar of coaching mastery and, more importantly, inspire coaches to lead by example as representatives of an incredible profession. 

For 2019, I’ve gathered 13 masterful coaches (including myself). Each of us has generously invited you in to share our brand of coaching mastery. 

FYI- In order to get ANY CCEU’s, you MUST attend ONE series of the six hour LIVE  training.

The next LIVE series will be December 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, 2019 from 8 to 10  pm eastern time. Additional dates are January 20th, 21st, and 22nd, 2020 from 10 am to 12 noon eastern time or February 24th, 25th and 26th, 2020 from 12 noon to 2 pm eastern time.

By attending the Summit, I guarantee that you will discover some seriously masterful coaches AND advance your coaching skills in the process.

Get ready to be inspired (and maybe even apply for that MCC if that’s your desire). 

And the best part, aside from being a masterful coach for your clients, this online event is $247 for a limited-time only for 20 ICF CCEU’s

We hope you’ll join us.

Learn from the true visionaries of the coaching industry as they generously share, discuss, and inspire, offering provocative conversations exploring the essence of mastery

With gratitude,




What people are saying about the summit:

"I love that the reminder emails are personalized. The website is very easy to navigate and the course content has been great. The fact that the course recordings can be accessed at any time during the day gives provides a lot of flexibility. "


“Thank you so much for creating this Mastery series. They say the universe delivers what we need and today was the beginning of what I need personally & professionally. My coaching practice has been strong for years & is now going through a bit of a revolution or revitalization & today was my “energy wake-up call”. I have much to reflect on as a result of today’s call and I say that with much gratitude.”


"I originally signed up for this because I needed the CCEUs, but I have gotten more from this summit than I could have ever imagined. The inspiring coaches who Annie has picked to deliver sessions have been transformative to my coaching and to myself. Even if I never apply for my MCC, this has made me a more masterful coach. I will sign up for this summit every time it is offered, CCEUs needed or not!"

– Linda King, PCC, Boston, MA 



“Thank you for putting this AMAZING summit are some incredible team. The topics and the individuals are superb.”

– J.G.

“I’m just delighted with your summit Essence of Mastery Summit. So all such friendly, interesting and bright speakers. So much humor and deep support…”

– V.

“I have filled out your feedback form. It doesn’t begin to relay how spectacular your Summit was. One of my lasting memories from the Summit is your smiling faces guiding us, and the vibrant energy you displayed every day. You are such living models of the power of coaching.”

– L.Y.

“Thank you so much for the fruitful learning! Each and every master coach taught me something that I can use for myself and also share with my clients. These learnings will enrich my coaching practice. Many thanks!”

– K.H.