I have been coaching teams, executives and individuals to make radical change since 1997. I am the founder of the Wisdom Foundation, aa Humanitarian, Philanthropic, Community Based Not-For-Profit Service, RadicalWisdom, host and co-founder of the Essence of Mastery Summit. I have a Master of Business Administration Degree; I am a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, trained in Organizational and Relationship Systems Coaching and Team Coaching. I was awarded the illustrious credential of Master Certified Coach by the International Coach Federation (ICF) in 2011 and I have been an ICF  MCC Assessor since 2018, Advanced Certified Mentor Coach and Registered ICF Mentor Coach.

As a Certified Core Values Index™ (CVI) Practitioner, I offer every new client the opportunity to take this very unique assessment tool that provides in-depth insight into the innate, unchanging core driving nature of an individual.

I am certain that the path of coaching mastery has the secret sauce it takes to help us be better human beings. My sweet spot is mentoring credentialed coaches on the path of coaching mastery.

I'm Annie Gelfand, Co-Creator and host of the Essence of Mastery Summit

A Warm Welcome To You!

09. what is your number one tip for coaches?

Hire a mentor coach early in your journey to mastery, preferably after you get your ACC.

a. Facebook 
b. Twitter
c. Instagram
d. Linkedin - you can connect with me here

08. What is your favorite social platform?

a. Scotland 
b. Greece (white sand & turquoise water!! Heaven!)
c. Paris
d. Spain

07. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

My life partner, Peter and I, love being outdoors in nature, especially swimming daily in the summertime. We love being active: cycling, hiking, canoeing, kayaking, badminton, ping pong and pickleball are some of our favourites. 

06. What do you do in your free time?

a. Cafe Mocha, a rich combination of coffee, dark chocolate, vanilla, honey and coconut oil. 
b. Tea
c. Water
d. Wine

05. Drink of choice

My first thought is, Peter,
my love.
My second is laughter and fun.

04. What is one thing you can't live without?

a. Mexico
b. India
c. Thailand
d. Finland

03. what country did you live in for 7 years?

Pema Chodron's "When Things Fall Apart"

02. What book changed your life?

a. Dogs
b. Cats
c. Birds
d. Horses
e. All of the above!

01. What animal are you absolutely obsessed with?

Here are some fun facts about me...

Core Values


Creating  trust and safety in a coaching conversation is what gives the client the space to explore beyond what they might on their own. That means we, as coaches, have to walk our talk, do what we say and be a role model.


 I sincerely believe that coaching mastery is the secret sauce to authentic, respectful conversation that is based on unconditional positive regard. That energy will automatically change the world.


For change to take place, it is essential to create a space where anything can be spoken, where the partnership is so secure that even when things get messy, the client feels seen, heard and understood.


The basic foundation of my life is connection to source. To that end, we will often look at the  bigger picture and explore your spiritual journey .

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