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Imagine having the opportunity to access all 5 events scheduled for this year and qualifying for 
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The best part? There's no need to attend the events live; you can apply for CCEUs until the deadline on 03.31.2025 to meet the requirements.

Plus, you'll enjoy lifetime access to 39 hours of valuable content.

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Here's a glimpse of the events we have lined up:

The Essence of Being Masterful
🔁 Recording available in members area on purchase with lifetime access

3 Key Reasons MCC Applicants are not passing their performance evaluation
🗓️ When: June 4, 5, and 6, 2024
🕙 Time: 10 am to 1 pm Eastern Time

the coaching superpower
🗓️ When: September 24, 25, and 26, 2024
🕛 Time: 12 noon to 3 pm Eastern Time

Insights on the MCC Anchors
(Co-facilitated with Fran Fisher)
🗓️ When: October 23 and 30, 2024
🕙 Time: 10 am to 11:30 am Eastern Time

You can lead a horse to water
but is that mastery?
🗓️ When: December 3, 4, and 5, 2024
🕙 Time: 10 am to 1 pm Eastern Time


Elizabeth Arthur 

I believe that the 2023 Essence of Mastery Summit was the best summit I have attended so far. This summit was much more interactive and really made clear what is needed for Mastery. Annie in particular did an amazing job at dispelling the myths of MCC giving me new energy around working towards this credential. Looking forward to the 2024 Essence of Mastery.

This 2023 summit was amazing, the in person virtual interaction has elevated the experience and learning enormously.

So much value add in the discussions and reflections; the wisdom, live coaching demo's, thanks Annie you really delivered.


Pamela Taylor 


Jennifer Porter 

The Essence of Mastery was more than I expected and has inspired me to keep growing and pursue greater excellence in my work as a coach. I loved being part of the community in the live sessions and look forward to participating each year to come. Thank you for this labor of love that serves us all in such meaningful and powerful ways!


Lucinda Dalrymple 

You continue to Wow me, from year one to year 7. The way each offering is co-created to each and every Amazing human that shows up. My curiosity is peaked, my awareness and learning evoked and I am looking forward to see what greatness the next year brings.  I am grateful for your brilliant idea called the “Essence of Mastery Summit.


Justine Williamson 

The professional life of a coach can be lonely sometimes. This informative, authentic and inspiring Summit brings you back in from the coaching wilderness, and has something to offer coaches at ACC, PCC and MCC levels to help all continue to grow and develop as coaching professionals

Ainsley Groves

The EOMS continues to be the best resource for me as a coach to get connected to my people, feel inspired and most importantly learn more about myself as a coach, tangible skills to be a better coach and how to support clients with an MCC mindset and being.
A beacon of being better so we can give more to our clients.


Fiona McKay 

It's extremely helpful to be able to access training in this way. It makes it possible wherever people are located in the world and whatever their schedule. I feel privileged to learn from so many amazing MCCs!


Gina Lepore

This is my first time in the Mastery Summit - I thought I only wanted to get my CCEUs but I got so much more. I am a PCC coach but maybe now I'll consider the MCC path.


Ellen Kocher 

I absolutely loved my first Essence of Mastery Summit. Sharing and learning with and from like-minded coaches opens our minds and provides growth that no other "training" I have attended. I encourage coaches of every level to attend the summit to - well - understand what the "summit" of coaching can be.

This year's Summit is made up by five 9 hour events throughout the year (including one with Fran Fisher, MCC)—all included in our summit package. Each session is designed to be interactive and engaging, so you won't want to miss a moment.

And don't worry about if you cannot make it live—we'll be recording every single event, so you can watch the replays whether you aren't able to make one of the dates live or if you just want to re-watch a session.

Community is everything to us, and this year, we're taking it up a notch. Before the summit kicks off, we'll match you with your breakout room, so you can connect, network, and get ready to take on the summit together. Plus, we've put together a workbook to make sure you get the most out of your learning experience.

What is the Essence of Mastery Summit?

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I am so glad you found your way here. I am your host and co-founder of the Essence of Mastery Summit. I have been coaching since 1997 and am honoured to be not only an ICF Master Certified Coach, but also an PCC/MCC assessor for the International Coaching Federation.

Are you ready to apply for your ICF MCC? Or maybe you are committed to continually hone your coaching mastery? This event is for you.

It is specifically meant for coaches who would like to raise the bar on coaching mastery and qualify for ICF CCEUs at the same time.

I'm Annie Gelfand, 
Host and Creator of the Summit

Hey there!



Your All-Access Pass Includes

9 hrs for this event. For all five events, a total of 39 hrs Virtual live and interactive recordings with Annie and lifetime access to recordings for each of her events that you purchase.


Private community for participants of the Essence of Mastery Summit as well as groups for live events so you can connect closely with fellow participants.


9 CCEUs each for events and 3 CCEUs for the Oct event. The 2024 Summit offers five events for a total of 39 ICF CCEUs. The deadline for qualifying is 03.31.2025 via answering quizzes for each event.

core competency units


We' have put together a workbook to ensure you get the most out of your learning experience. It has a section for each day as well as pre-session. We also included a recommended reading list.


Explore new ways of being with your clients to help them feel more heard, seen, and understood.

Build your coaching confidence by breathing life into the ICF Core Competencies as you prepare for your PCC or MCC performance evaluation.

Learn state-of-the-art and time-tested tools taught by Master Coaches to increase your coaching effectiveness.

Allow your inspiration to inform YOUR unique coaching style, so that your clients connect their vision and ability to act upon their intentions.

Connect with a community of coaches on the continual path to mastery.

This Summit is Designed to Help Coaches

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